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Shuu Hasegawa 35 lat
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50 zł /60 min.
Korepetycje Warszawa (Śródmieście,Ochota,Mokotow...to zalezy)
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Szkoła podstawowa, Gimnazjum, Szkoła średnia, Studia

I live in Warsaw.I have been to many countries such as Asia, Africa and Europe..

There are many people who like Japan there.

Through many experiences and encounters, I became more fond of Japan.

“I want you to know more about Japan, and I want you to like Japan more.”

So I started to teach Japanese.

In my lesson,I can explaine in English as well as Japanese, even beginners can take lessons with peace of mind.

I offer both online and in person lesson.

For beginners, you will learn the basics of grammar, listening, writing, and speaking, and then you will take lessons to develop the abilities you want to improve.

For intermediate students, we will have lessons according to your purpose.

The most important thing in the lessons is to give lessons that suit your purpose and create a bright, fun and easy-to-talk atmosphere.

I am striving to be a nice teacher who is easy to talk to, easy to understand.If you have any questions, please ask me anything.

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